Olivia Hope Morgaine is a health coach, writer, and speaker who provides integrated nourishment, and wellness from a depth psychological perspective. Along with providing dietary support, Olivia emphasizes social, spiritual, and vocational sources of nourishment. She works with the reciprocal relationship between soma (meaning body) and psyche (whose meanings include mind, soul, and spirit). Unlike approaches to wellness that emphasize fixing ourselves, Olivia supports clients in discovering the potential life wisdom in their symptoms. She guides others on a transformative path that leads out of gratuitous suffering through making conscious and honoring the voice of both body and psyche. Flouting one size fits all approaches to physical and emotional wellness Olivia tailors her work to the health history, life narrative, and goals of each of her unique clients. 

Olivia offers an empowered approach to health that recognizes her client’s essential wholeness, and innate wisdom. In addition to addressing physical nourishment and exercise, Olivia draws on depth psychological perspectives including dream work, time honored spiritual traditions, and creativity to cultivate awareness and wholeness of soul that contribute to healing.

The creator of Writing From The Symptom’s Perspective, Olivia uses embodied writing to consciously integrate what has been denied, repressed, or abandoned and is showing up symptomatically. The direct insight that groups and individual clients have gained from this work deepens experience into purposeful meaning that supports
life- affirming transformation.

Olivia holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Through Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, she received training in plant-based cuisine. Twenty plus years of somatic and mindfulness education, and teaching meditation, yoga, pilates, and barre enhance her work. Meeting with individual clients locally and remotely, Olivia also works with groups. She has written numerous articles and contributed to books on mind body wellness, psychology, and spirituality; has been featured on the radio; presented at conferences; and offers psycho-educative workshops.

My Story:

I have been blessed with a kaleidoscopic life. A nursery school drop out who later got into Harvard and didn’t go, you could say I have done things my own way – including how I became a health coach working from a depth psychological perspective! 

Some people, when they hear I am a health coach, laugh. The irony isn’t lost on me. Starting in childhood, I struggled with relentless health challenges that included: asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, broken bones, anorexia – and staph resistant osteomyelitis near my brain that like the eating disorder nearly cost me my life. 

However, I never gave up. My search for freedom from suffering launched a journey through recovery and healing that was in turns discouraging, and frustrating yet ultimately beautiful, and empowering. I found my way by learning to listen to my body, and accessing and directly honoring my authentic feelings. Weaving depth psychology, spiritual and creative practices, supportive community, joyful movement, and an approach to eating that makes me feel great physically and emotionally, I healed. My call to work with others has been inspired by finding a meaningful, and purposeful way through suffering.

Having lived and traveled throughout the world, I make my nest in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I like meditating in nature; breathing in the pinon and sunshine; and connecting with the pulse of silence in the stars that blink at night. A veritable bibliophile, I have hauled hundreds of books across continents. As a Meyers Briggs INFJ, I share “rare bird” status with Carl Jung, and Mother Theresa. When I’m not indulging my passion for writing, you can find me on a dance floor whirling like a dervish. I enjoy good strong coffee, and eat chocolate un-apologetically.