Olivia Hope Morgaine is a health coach, writer, and speaker who uniquely combines integrated nutrition with depth psychological perspectives. She inspires, and supports others in the meaningful transformation of their relationship to food, and body. Providing wellness support that addresses the dynamic interplay between the body and psyche, meaning mind or soul, Olivia challenges popular one size fits all approaches. Showing others how to attune to the voice of the psyche, or soul within their symptoms; to recognize their particular food body narratives; and to honor their personal biological and psychological identities, Olivia provides a radically empowering path of holistic nourishment.

The creator of Writing From The Symptom’s Perspective a method of healing the mind body split, Olivia shows how what has been repressed, denied, or abandoned may be expressed through physical symptoms. Opening to the point of view of the psyche or soul as it expresses somatically or physically on the page allows clients to consciously reclaim and integrate these aspects of experience, revealing the possible purposefulness, or wisdom of symptoms. Offering writing as a method of healing, practices that engage personal and collective narratives, archetypal patterns, myths, and dreams, along with dietary support Olivia is a shepherd for transformative processes that include and extend beyond eating and body struggles. Through a depth psychological approach to integrated nutrition, clients are supported in realizing greater creative agency, freedom of choice, and zest in all dimensions of their lives.

Olivia holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is a certified health coach through the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. She has completed training in plant-based cuisine through Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. In addition, Olivia’s work is informed by over twenty years of experience studying and teaching mindful movement practices, including Yoga, Pilates, and Barre around the globe. Working with individual clients locally and remotely, Olivia also offers workshops, and speaking engagements. She has written numerous articles and contributed to books on mind body wellness, psychology, and spirituality; and has been featured on the radio. Her areas of focus are disordered eating, and chronic illness. Olivia makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.