Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired around dieting, weighing, counting calories, over eating, under eating, binge eating, and self sabotaging food choices?

Are you ready to break up once and for all with the voice inside your head that tells you don’t get to enjoy your life, and fully appreciate the body you are in no matter what your size, shape, age, or even your current state of physical health?

Tried will power and found that it is not enough to change eating patterns that undermine your physical health and emotional well being?

Have you read all the diet and self-books, collected food advice on the internet, and trolled social media for recipes only to find that nothing much has changed – and if it has you haven’t been able to sustain it?

Are you in a food rut, looking for simple and healthier ways to feed yourself, and your family? Perhaps you are ready to enjoy the health benefits of more home cooked meals, and are looking for guidance around recipes, menu planning, and preparation?

Maybe you need help making selections when dining out, and traveling; or deciphering food labels and making the best choices at the grocery store?

Working collaboratively, I guide you in discovering what uniquely nourishes you physically and psychologically: your unique dietary blueprint. I help you discover a flexible, and sustainable approach to eating that honors the dynamism and creativity of being alive!

I offer education, tools, and support so that you realize your own unique and empowered relationship with eating and body image.

Often, we want to change our relationship with our bodies and eating based on preconceived ideas and beliefs. I guide you in re-connecting with the innate wisdom of the body – learning to trust and honor yourself from the ground up.