Our relationship with food reflects every relationship in our lives including, most significantly, the relationship with ourselves. In health coaching from a depth psychological perspective we dive deep. We go beyond the food choices uncover and recover the feelings, thoughts, and fantasies that influence eating patterns and how we relate to our bodies.

Weaving depth psychological perspectives that include dream, archetypal, and symbolic considerations; time-honored wisdom traditions; embodied meditation; and creative practices such as writing we open to the symptom’s perspective.

Struggles with eating, body image, and symptoms of chronic illness become portals for reclaiming what has been denied, rejected, or repressed in our lives.

Giving these voice, and consciously integrating them supports healing, and life affirming transformation.

Depth psychological coaching includes Writing From The Symptom’s Perspective. To find out about upcoming workshops connect with me here. I also offer Writing From The Symptom’s Perspective in individual sessions.