My clients are people who may be in traditional therapy or have been, and who may be seeing or have seen nutritionists, dieticians, naturopathic and allopathic doctors.

You are either seeking complimentary support – or have gone as far as you can with these approaches to wellness and are looking for the missing piece: making the shift from gratuitous to transformative suffering.

You are on a psychological, spiritual journey whether you are conscious of this or not that is impelling you to deepen your experience into personally nourishing meanings, and towards transformative suffering – the alchemy that turns suffering into soul’s gold.

You are ready for healing not as an end goal, but as a way of being in the world that is consciously integrated. You are ready for an individualized and dynamic approach to wellness that is empowering.

You are interested in soul-centered practices such as writing, embodied
meditation, imaginal, and symbolic work for facilitating insight and healing. You are dedicated to growth and understand that healing and transformation take time. You have a strong commitment to the process and are willing and able to be patient with yourself and with the coaching process – including the growing pains of discovering new, more empowered, and creative ways of being in the world.