Hi! I am here to help you find your way through struggles around food, body, and chronic health challenges. Drawing on depth psychology and an integrated approach to nutrition, I guide you in discovering what authentically nourishes you psychologically, and physically. I support you in the discovery of how psyche, meaning soul speaks through physical and psychological symptoms, and show you a path of healing through conscious soul-tending. My commitment is to replace trying to fix your self, with learning to honor your self. I offer healing support so that what you are struggling with around food and body becomes a portal for discovering your own unique, and personally empowering path forward –- transforming your life from the inside out.

Our relationship with food is a reflection of every other relationship in our lives including the one we have with ourselves.

I offer healing and recovery support around addictive and disordered eating, negative body image, chronic illness, and for those seeking an all around healthier relationship with food and body. 

My mission is to dismantle the idea of one-size fits all approaches to recovery, and wellness: honoring diversity, bio-individuality, and psychological uniqueness. Compartmentalizing psyche and body, mind and matter is exchanged for consciously honoring the relationship between them. We work collaboratively in acknowledgment of the interdependent web of being, and that as one heals, many heal.

Need a guide, someone who has been there? As important as credentials, is lived experience. I am someone who understands first-hand what it’s like to navigate and heal chronic illness, an eating disorder, and negative body image.

While each of us has to find our own particular path, my life stands as testimony that it is entirely possible to recover and heal by honoring the innate wisdom of body and psyche, and learning to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Someone who has not only come to survive but to thrive – who intimately knows a way through food and body struggles and suffering and can offer compassionate and wise guidance so that you can live with freedom, meaningful purpose, and love.

I offer a free twenty-minute consultation. Contact me for a free twenty-minute consult to find out if we’re a fit!