“I can’t recommend working with Olivia enough!”

“I have been battling the bread basket ever since I can remember! I literally couldn’t control myself around bagels, chips – and game over at buffets. I travel a lot for work, and this is when the food really got out of control. I’d beat myself up for overeating, try and be “good,” and restrict to make up for it. I was caught in a cycle and had tried therapy, diets, and years in a 12 Step program for overeaters and still couldn’t break free. Then I started working with Olivia – and how I saw myself in relationship to eating totally changed! Her approach was totally unique: writing exercises, nutrition, meditation, and therapy all rolled into one. She got me to see that I could trust myself around food, and that I could eat things that I enjoy with pleasure instead of guilt. The anxiety eating that plagued me for years is gone. I can’t recommend working with Olivia enough!”
– L.L., Esquire, Music Industry, Los Angeles

“Olivia Hope Morgaine is an amazing coach! She has helped me on every level: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I no longer diet, or compulsively weigh myself as measures of self-worth, or to deal with anxiety. Today, I feel good in my body, and strong in my soul. I stopped needing to be validated by what a scale says, and I eat foods that I genuinely enjoy and that nourish my body. I am truly grateful for Olivia!”
– Dana Wapner, Counselor/Educator, Maui

Olivia’s customized diet and coaching rescued me!

“Olivia’s health coaching was vital in my recovery from a triad illness. Addicted to Oxycontin that had been prescribed for an injury, I had also lost an unhealthy amount of weight that was detrimental to my health and recovery process. Olivia’s customized diet and coaching rescued me! She is a true healing angel – all heart, spirit.”
– Bruce Oatway, Musician/Poet, Maui

“Olivia helped me change my life for the better! The information Olivia provided, and lessons she taught me shaped a style of healthy living that transcends physical appearance. I benefit from more energy, confidence, and love for myself. I couldn’t have made the changes necessary without her method of positive coaching!”
– Quinn Farah, Peace Corps, Houston, Cambodia

“Olivia has a soothing presence. Her honesty and directness let me know that I could really trust her, and open up – which made healing possible. She has guided me in writing down my dreams, and paying attention to how they relate to what’s unfolding in my life. I’ve been surprised by the meaningful insight, and clarity I’ve gotten out of this. With Olivia’s support I also learned that how I look, or speak is my own style – and to embrace it! As a result of working with Olivia, I have grown in self-love, and gratitude for my life.”
– Veera Mahajan, Best Selling Author “Unreported”; Publisher “The Malibu Chronicle,” Malibu

They say the right people come into your life at the right time, and I feel like Olivia saved my life!

“Olivia Hope Morgaine offers emotionally safe, and compassionate guidance in her work with others who are seeking to achieve more harmony and balance in their lives. She is thoughtful, and creative in finding personalized wellness solutions for her clients. I highly recommend her!”
– Dr. Asha Randall, Acupuncturist, Director “Malibu Healing Center,” Malibu

“After six months “on the bench” with injuries, it was time to reclaim my body from the clutches of feeling old, and broken. They say the right people come into your life at the right time, and I feel like Olivia saved my life! She is wonderful, knowledgeable, motivating, encouraging, fun, and effective. Olivia is world class!”
-Tina Wildberger, Political Activist, Maui