Body and psyche – variously understood as mind, soul, or spirit – form a whole. 

You cannot affect the one without influencing the other. They speak through each other.

You are welcome to begin work with me in any of the areas below choosing a particular focus. In this kind of transformative work however, it is typical to address the physical, emotional, and personal spiritual aspects of your relationship to food and body.


Guidance in discovering your unique dietary blueprint, and what you need to feel authentically nourished.

Support in breaking free from a compulsive relationship to food and body that includes a dieting mentality, compulsive over and under eating, and negative body image.

Tips and tools that include smart shopping, cooking demos, and meal planning to help you implement a healthy plan of living.

Learn to trust yourself with food. Discover how to eat with authentic pleasure, and to enjoy a fully present, and sacred connection with food and and your body.

It’s not enough to change the food, if the mind doesn’t change. Reciprocally, change the food and the health of both body and mind change.


Support and guidance for developing awareness around the mental and emotional dimensions that influence your relationship to food, and body.

Discover the direct relationship between your psyche, meaning soul, or mind and your body. Consciously reclaim and integrate what has been denied, or rejected and manifests as symptoms. 

Recover what is authentically true for you, and learn to express it directly instead of symptomatically.

Engage in practices rooted in depth psychology, and time honoured wisdom traditions, including: embodied meditation, dream work, archetypal and symbolic amplification, and creativity as sources of healing.

Receive tools and support for tending the psyche as a source of authentic meaning, and spiritual sustenance essential to positive transformation, and healing.

Symptoms are chalices of potential wisdom. In health coaching from a depth psychological perspective, we don’t label them as “bad,” and rush to fix them. Instead we honour them through listening, and conscious engagement.


Discover how creative practices such as writing make it possible to make visible the point of view of the psyche within the symptom.

Learn how allowing the psyche to speak through writing from the symptom’s perspective contributes to transformation, and healing.

Engage writing from the body’s perspective as a way of consciously integrating the psyche including shadow material, or unclaimed aspects of the self. Discover how this supports healing, and living with greater freedom of choice and the ability to author your own life.

Transform destructive rituals around compulsive eating and negative body image through engaging creativity as a life affirming ritual.

Healing through writing the invisible visible, guided by the body’s perspective.